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It’s cutting-edge business strategy.

Ben Sporn’s career started as an apprentice mechanic many moons ago. He finished his 4-year apprenticeship, became a qualified mechanic and pretty much got off the tools straight away.

He went into service advising, then car sales, later he became a Sales Manager for a Car Dealership and funnily enough, this is where he met his business partner Shaun.

Shaun de Burgh completed a Master of Marketing here in Australia, he was so eager to be at the forefront of marketing technology, that he travelled to the USA, where he spent most of his time learning from some of the world’s best marketers, people that continue to mentor him even today.

Chasing the dream, he then moved to Asia and began freelancing for companies all over the world, which was going well, until he had children. Wanting them to have the best education, he moved back to Australia and began marketing for a car dealership, which is where he met Ben.

Working together for about a year, Shaun and Ben experienced massive growth in their car dealership through digital marketing and correct sales processes.

For anyone out there that hasn’t heard of The Road to The Sale, it’s a sales strategy that has been around since the dark ages, and there is a strong chance that everyone reading this page has been subjected to a similar mapped out sales process in their life.

But what about marketing? The vast majority of companies in Australia just set up some ads, point them to their website or landing page, or engage in some sort of branding on radio or tv.

Where is the roadmap? Where is the strategy? What if we told you that Sales and Marketing are the same things, and from the moment a customer first learns about your business, right through until they have purchased, advocate and promote you, they are on a journey.

We call it the Customer Value Journey.

Shaun and Ben decided they needed to introduce this concept to Australia and thus began Caffeinate Digital, with its first goal, to double the size of 1,000 Australian businesses.

The unique method of marketing strategy that we employ here at Caffeinate Digital saw us rocket to 7-figure success in under two years, and now we continue to grow our business, as a side effect of growing yours.

Welcome to Caffeinate Digital.

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