Copywriting 101: Why Tailoring Content to your Customer Avatar is Crucial to WINNING Leads

Written by Sandra Argese
on 25 Feb 2020

Words are incredible.
This is especially the case when marketing a product or service.

Customer Avatar Worksheet

Whether you need to write an email or some copy for a Facebook ad, landing page, website, script, blog or more, there’s always one thing worth remembering.

In order to properly market something, you need to gage a clear understanding of WHO your ideal customer is.

After all, we don’t want to become so caught up in what we are trying to sell that we forget about WHO we are trying to sell to.

So how do we achieve this?

By creating a CUSTOMER AVATAR!

It PAYS to get clear on the traits of your avatar. What are their goals, what are their values, where do they go to for information, what are their challenges, interests, where do they enjoy hanging out? What are their possible objections?

mannequins standing in a line
This is about finding out who the customer is and presenting them with a message that ultimately moves them toward a certain action.

Thinking about the goals and values of your customer avatar, you can TAILOR your content to the products and services you offer.

Let’s say you’ve been put in charge of organising the copy for an email campaign inviting parents to enrol their children in a new after-school sports program. The school hosting the program is sending out the email to the parents of all currently enrolled children.

Imagine we have created an Avatar called Aaron. He’s 36 years old, has two children aged eight and 10 who attend the same school, is a single parent and works full-time, earning a medium-level income.

If he is working full-time, he’s not likely to be free for dropoffs or pickups inside the hours of 9 – 5, Monday to Friday. He’ll also need time during the week to look after essential food shopping and perhaps may need a little bit of time just to himself. As a single parent on a medium-level income, he watches his spending.

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What are some of the ways you could tap into his values, interests, and needs? How can we gain his attention? Think about what Aaron wants to hear. Use language he can resonate with.

Constantly ask – WHY is someone reading this, and HOW can they BENEFIT from it? Speak transformationally. Speak to the felt NEEDS of your market and play to their dream state AFTER using the product or service that you’re offering. That is, what they can ACHIEVE by using your service or product.

The subject line (which will ultimately hook Aaron into reading the email) could say something along the lines of “Want an affordable after-school program your kids will love?”

Here, we’re playing on his value of family by wanting his kids to be happy. Using the word “affordable” conveys that he can fit this within his budget, and by including an automatic mention that the program is “after-school,” he knows this program won’t interrupt his working day.

Most important of all, don’t alienate your target demographic by using big, long, confusing, offensive or even flat out unrelatable words. That’s a missed opportunity right there.

man with head on wall
Remember, no one is going to be impressed by words they don’t even understand.

If your reader needs to do background research to understand what you’re saying, then the copy needs some tweaking.

With this in mind, you’ll be well on the way to achieving TOTAL copywriting genius.

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Customer Avatar Worksheet

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