5 Steps to Crafting AMAZING Lead Magnets that Customers CAN’T Ignore

Written by Sandra Argese
on 15 Sep 2020

The internet is SATURATED with content.

There’s a lot of noise out there, and getting lost in that noise is dangerous. Businesses and individuals alike can get tangled and lost amongst the overwhelming amount of content on the internet, which means gaining a customer’s attention can be difficult.

Retaining a loyal, engaged audience is important, but hardly straightforward. Email marketing is a direct way for businesses to access tentative clients and customers in a far more direct manner.

While email marketing is a great way to directly reach your database of contacts, gathering a healthy list of emails can be difficult. After all, people can be quite reluctant to give out their personal details and information – especially without being enticed by something in return.

That’s where Lead Magnets come in. This is exactly why they exist.

So, What Is a Lead Magnet?

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A lead magnet presents an offer that entices someone to opt-in to the offer in exchange for their details (such as an email address).

Bonus brownie points if it’s an enticing, irresistible offer that provides them with value.

Such an offer could include some form of downloadable content, the answer to specific questions, a template, discount (great for e-commerce sites), or e-book download. Something instantly valuable (and unique, out-of-this-world) can immediately solve their problems as a solution – no delays at all.

A free trial is NOT a lead magnet, and neither is a mail list subscription.

Fantastic lead magnets are SPECIFICALLY tailored to someone’s desired end-result (that is, how someone can change after using your product or service).

winning customers

This begs the question, how do you determine what your lead magnet is?

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Better still, if it’s the first time you’ve created a lead magnet, what steps do you need to take to make it happen?

Here are five hot tips that’ll help you create your first lead magnet.

1. Narrow it down; don’t try to create something that’ll please absolutely everyone. Select a specific market segment, and tailor your lead magnet to their needs.

2. Considering the above point, think about the kinds of lead magnets you can offer. Ensure it’s an offer that can be quickly consumed without delay, and play to your strengths (What can you offer them that is valuable?).

3. Remember that powerful, well-executed lead magnets with great incentives and/or offers can drive customers and data to progress through your sales funnel. Take the time you need to select a lead magnet type that will resonate strongly with your audience. With many types of Lead Magnets out there, it’s important that you craft and consider yours to your target audience’s needs.

4. Ensure the benefit to the customer is immediately apparent. What can you promise them, and how can it solve their problems?

5. Get creative with your copy – how will you title the lead magnet in a way that will convert?

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Use language and words they can resonate with, and amplify the benefits of your offer.

According to Digital Marketer Founder and CEO Ryan Deiss, the most important element of a successful Lead Magnet is specificity.

Ryan Deiss says that for one to perform well, it needs to solve a specific problem by offering a specific solution for a specific segment of your market.

Ryan also says that, just because something is free, doesn’t mean it should look free. Ensure your lead magnet is of high quality.

There you have it, five ways to create your first lead magnet! With these handy tips in check, you’ll be well on the way to generating value for your audience in no time.

You already have the product and/or service(s) – now it’s your turn to implement lead magnets that get your audience into your contact database.

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