WHY It’s Important To Add A Primary Page To Your Business Manager

Written by Bridgette Weller Brown
on 12 May 2021

U se this one tip to BOOST your Facebook Page.

Caffeinate Digital’s Marketing Manager and Copywriter Sandra explores EVERYTHING you NEED to know about Digital Marketing in our series Digital Marketing Cafe!

In this episode, Sandra covers why your Facebook Page should be your primary page in Facebook Business Manager, and HOW it’s done.

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Hi, I’m Sandra. I’m one of the marketing managers here at Caffeinate Digital. Also, the copywriter here at caffeinate today, we’ve got a new episode of Digital Marketing Cafe. So I’m super excited to be part of this great new series we’re putting together in today’s episode. We’re going to be looking at why it’s super important to add a primary page to your business manager within Facebook.

This is something that loads of people forget. It’s, it’s easy to forget to do, but it’s super important to do, and I’ll explain precisely why. So to start things off, we’re just going to jump into our Business Manager. Now we’ve created a business manager called caffeinate test. So we just made that for this video to take you through the steps needed to execute what we’re talking about today.

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So Caffeinate Test is our Business Manager. So what we want to do to add a primary page, a primary Facebook Page, into our Business Manager. If we click all tools just up here, these three lines, and then we go through and click business settings. Awesome. Then we want to click pages. Now, the most important thing before you add your primary page to your business manager is that it’s already counted to your business manager as a regular page.

So if what I just said sounds a bit confusing. Just having a look here will help explain it a bit better. So the Facebook Page we’ve got is called Caffeinate, which is also called Caffeinate Tests. This has been added to our Business Manager. So you can see it here. You can see my name here. I’m attributed to it.

So we’ve already added that to our Business Manager. So to add a primary page to your Business Manager, you need to have already counted it as a regular page. So let’s say we had four or five pages in here. One of them has to be our primary page. So our main page. So if you’ve got a small business, medium-sized business, for example, you’ve got your Business Manager, and you want to have your main page as within your Business Manager.

That could be the leading brand that corresponds to your business manager. So let’s have a look. So then to add that, to create that we go business info, edit primary page, Caffeinate Test. So the reason that this appears is that we’ve already added it into our business manager, and then we click save.

That is it. Now, something else that’s super important to do is go through and fill out the rest of your business details. So, you know, you can go in and fill out the name, address, phone number website if you have one.

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