How To Get Your Business Verified On Facebook

Written by Bridgette Weller Brown
on 19 May 2021

Today I’m going to talk about how to get your business verified on Facebook.

So one of the most important things that you need to know when you’re on Facebook as a business, and let’s face it, every business should be on Facebook to get your business verified. I think that this is something that many companies miss, and it is pretty easy to forget on Facebook.

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It doesn’t prompt you to do it. It’s just something that you should go in and do yourself. And there are—a variety of benefits of doing so. Business Manager verification means that it always confirms that your business is genuine and authentic. So it solidifies that credibility within Facebook as well, which is super important.

Some of the positives of doing this, and I’m going to show you how to do this in just a moment. You rank higher in the search results on Facebook. So if someone’s going to type in your business name, it might come up with something else that sounds like your business name but isn’t quite a business name.

If you get your business manager verified, and you’re going to. Rank a bit higher in the search results, if not at the top. And one of the other benefits is that you are giving your business the best chance not to be lost between impersonating companies or businesses pretending to be you.

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It’s super rare, but we never know. The Internet’s a prominent place in so many things can happen as well. Like I said before, it Shows that your business is accurate, and it shows that you’re a credible organization or business. So yeah, I recommend getting a business verified through your business manager.

And I’m going to show you how to do that right now. So basically, the first thing you need to do is jump into your Business Manager. We’re going to scroll it down here to business info. Now recommend filling in all of this information.

You have to go through here and click view details. Now I’m not going to go through and do it, but basically, what it is is you have to fill out a whole bunch of information to get your business verified.

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They will request photo ID of the owner or main person within your business manager. You have to send through some identification to confirm you’re an actual person. Sometimes they’ll ask you to send through official documentation. Relating to your business. So it could be a phone bill, and it has your businesses address on it.

It could be an electricity bill could be anything like that. To confirm you’re a real business with an actual address and a real phone number. And they’ll send you a verification code to your companies. They can bring it through with the phone number or email address. So, it would be best if you did a few different things to get verified, and it’s super important to do so.

So basically, once you get to this screen, it’s super easy, super straightforward to fill out and go from there. We highly recommend getting this. So you’re a credible business on Facebook ranking higher in the search results. You’re giving yourself the best chance not to be lost between a web of people impersonating your business.

Thanks, guys.

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