Mastering the ART of Blogging: Why Blogging can work WONDERS for your business growth

Written by Sandra Argese
on 04 Nov 2020

“The currency of blogging is authenticity and trust,” says respected entrepreneur Jason Calacanis.

Damn right, we say.

Blogs (and other forms of content, including videos, podcasts, articles etc.) can establish your brand as a trustworthy authority within your industry, all while entertaining, informing and/or educating your audience.

That’s why having a well-polished blog strategy in place can work wonders for your business and/or brand. At Caffeinate Digital, we highly recommend having one on your website.

We need to remember one thing – there are over half a billion blogs on the internet. Yours is just ONE of them.

Okay, we’re telling you this NOT because we’re here to dampen your spirits, but rather, we’re here to show you that you CAN create a STRONG blogging strategy; one that can DRIVE blog visitors seamlessly through the customer value journey.

If your customers are in the ‘aware’ stage, for example, regular blogging can keep them ‘brand aware’.

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content creation

A great engagement strategy, for example, is to release informative news within your industry or new tactics people are coming out with.

With a strong blog strategy in place, your content can become the ANSWER or SOLUTION people are looking for; consistent with your brand/business’ personality and voice.

That means a sandwich catering company wouldn’t publish a blog on mowing lawns. A lawn mowing business wouldn’t publish a blog on healthy skin. That’s why, here at Caffeinate Digital, we don’t publish blogs on recipes or gardening (I mean we could, but they’d probably be terrible).

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So how do you find content to post on your blog?

Here are three quick and easy steps that’ll help you on your way.

1. Create a list of all the products or services you offer (into different categories)
2. Use websites like ‘Semrush’ or ‘Answer the Public’ to find out what questions people are asking based on these categories
3. Generate an editorial calendar; mapping out dates, content, SEO keywords that help your blog rank in Google, social media channels where the blog will be posted to, author, internal links (orphaned content) etc.

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blog creation

So, why is implementing a content calendar so important? As part of your content strategy, you need to establish how many times per week you’ll post. It is, after all, important to keep things consistent and frequent.

Promoting a positive relationship and building trust with your audience means they will look to your content as a reputable source of VALUE; one they can depend on. That’s why consistent posting is key.

Blogs cannot be your end-all, be all for marketing. That’s why it’s important to track metrics related to your blog; page views (you can find these in Google Analytics), CTA performance (if you have CTA’s within your blog), time spent reading your blog/understandings of where people stopped reading your blog (there are platforms available online which can show you this information) and more.

If your blogs are not working, STOP! If something isn’t generating you the KPI’s and goals you’re working towards, then it’s time to change things up.

That said, don’t drop your blog strategy instantly. Give it time. If you’re consistently seeing your numbers going down; reset, transform your strategy so that your numbers are reflecting strong brand awareness.

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Without a well-polished SEO strategy, your website won’t stand a significant chance of being discovered organically through Google – and that’s why title tags are one very important piece to the SEO puzzle.

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