5 Innovative Ways Businesses Have ‘Pivoted’ during COVID-19

Written by Sandra Argese
on 30 Apr 2020

Responding to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in style, businesses across the globe have stepped up to the plate.

Whisky makers have evolved into hand sanitiser creators, and fashion labels into face mask making extraordinaires.

And that’s just two examples, with countless more sectors operating to meet demands they (and we, for that matter) never envisioned – creating products and generating services outside of their usual realm.

And it’s worked a treat – staff are kept employed, and coronavirus-related products are in healthy supply.

Hand Sanitizer

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Here are some of the best examples out there.


No Excuses

We’re living in a time of gym memberships without a gym.

With gyms and fitness centres no longer able to open their doors, that hasn’t halted personal trainers and fitness instructors from doing their thing.

Many are holding Zoom classes and instructing clients from home, while others are taking advantage of apps that log workout sessions. Some gyms have even loaned out equipment to assist people to continue kicking their fitness goals from the comfort of their very own humble abode.

Distilleries turned hand sanitiser making geniuses

Wine and whisky distilleries across the globe are navigating the uncertainty of our zeitgeist by changing things up a bit, creating bottle after bottle of our favourite on-the-go protector of germs – your friendly neighbourhood hand sanitiser.

Just imagine the reaction you’ll get when you tell your kids, and grandkids for that matter, about the time our favourite Whisky maker hit the breaks on whisky to create hand sanitiser.

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Buon Apetit!

Restaurants, cafes and bars are amping up their takeaway options by offering outdoor pickup or contactless delivery options.

And yes, some places (marketing smarts right here, if you ask us) allow you to order cocktails, smoothies, juices and soft drinks to your door.

By keeping staff employed, supporting local business, and satisfying our stomach’s with some oh-so-amazing chef-prepared food, it really is a win-win for everyone.

Face masks to the rescue

Companies specialising in everything from clothing and fashion to packaging and beyond have answered the call for the once not-so-good face mask shortage crisis. Some are even getting creative, printing all sorts of patterns, colours and themes on the masks. Why? Because, why not!

Movie magic

Pixar’s ‘Onward,’ a family-friendly animation, didn’t even make it to cinemas in Australia. Its early April release was interrupted by the Covid-19 global pandemic, meaning families across the nation wouldn’t have the chance to see the flick given the closure of cinemas Australia-wide.

Sprinkling touches of Pixar magic into the households of many Australians, Disney+ (Disney’s online subscription on-demand streaming service platform) put aside any potential for box office earnings and released Onward early.

Remember, We Are in This Together, Stay Inside!

How has your business ‘pivoted’ or changed things up to adapt to the times?
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