Copywriting 101: Writing Effective Facebook Ad copy that CONVERTS

Written by Sandra Argese
on 23 Apr 2020

Australia’s love affair with Facebook isn’t going anywhere.

Statista revealed the amount of Facebook users hitting up the social media platform has steadily grown, forecasting that approximately 11.5 million Australians would have an account by 2022. That’s more than 40 per cent of the Australian population – pretty impressive for a social media platform created less than two decades ago in a Harvard dorm room.

Glowing Lightbulbs

With more eyes than ever scrolling through their feeds, this makes the opportunity to market businesses and services on Facebook a big one. Call it marketing genius if you will, because Facebook advertising has altered the very DNA of social media marketing.

So if you’re wanting to buff, shine, wash and polish your business’ Facebook campaign to absolute perfection, it all comes down to ironing out the perfect text to accompany your advert(s).

And that’s when your customer avatar comes into play.

First things first, it’s about speaking transformationally TO your customer avatar, and not AT them.

Striking a chord with your ideal customer comes down to constantly asking HOW they BENEFIT from your services. Consider and incorporate into your advert the NEEDS of your market and play to their dream state AFTER using the product or service that you’re offering. That is, what they can ACHIEVE by using your service or product.

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To do this, you’ll need to get clear on the traits of your avatar, so don’t forget to download our free customer avatar sheet at the end of the blog.

Let’s take the following example.

We’re going to write a Facebook advert targeting families to have their air-conditioner serviced or repaired.

If we’re playing on the VALUE of family-time, which usually comes with spending quality time together at home, then that means we need to TAILOR our content towards this.

Let’s analyse the following two sets of copy.

– Keep cool in your family home
– Keep cool in the house

The difference between the ‘the’ and ‘your’ is actually quite interesting.

By using ‘the’ in this instance, we aren’t speaking to anyone. In fact, we’re speaking quite generally to no one in particular.

By using ‘your’, you’re speaking TO your customer avatar in the second-person perspective, and by using ‘the’, you’re speaking AT them.

Coffee Cup and Facebook Icon Buscuit

Unfortunately, too often do businesses write their adverts from a first-person perspective. This almost never works and places the business in a position of authority that doesn’t really care about a client’s NEEDS or VALUES, but just wants to tell them what to do.

Consider the choice of words here too. Which sounds more friendly, and approachable; Home or house? Home has that ‘homely’, comfortable and friendly vibe, while house sounds quite generic, and refers to the place of living as more of a structure, rather than a hub for your family to enjoy living amongst each other.

Here’s another example.

Sentence 1 – It’s better for your family if you get your air-conditioner fixed.
Sentence 2 – Keep your loved ones cool, safe and happy in your family home by getting your air-conditioner fixed today.

The second person-perspective helps you write transformationally, playing to the after-state of your audience. That is, the state they’ll be in AFTER using your product or service. With this considered, how much MORE powerful is example 2, than example 1? 1 doesn’t speak transformationally, but 2 does.

Handy Tip: Never underestimate the power of a solid copy-edit. Get your grammar, punctuation, and tenses up to scratch before you publish anything online. A simple spelling mistake can jeopardise the reputation of your business, or even influence someone not to engage with your advert.

With these handy tips, you’ll be generating leads and maximising your advertising spend in no time at all!

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