Two magic words: SMS Marketing.

Top 3 Reasons WHY SMS Marketing is Effective

Written by Sandra Argese
on 11 May 2020

Two magic words: SMS Marketing.

Also known as Text Marketing or Text Message Marketing, this savvy digital marketing gem has several nifty tricks up its sleeve.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering just how effective SMS Marketing could be, we’ve got all the answers here for you.

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Advantage ONE – SMS Marketing has a Strong Engagement Rate

Now now, just because we may live on our phones, doesn’t mean we’re immediately going to read every email, answer every phone call, or listen to every voicemail.

And if you’re sitting there feeling guilty about it, don’t. We’re all somewhat guilty of neglecting one form of communication or another.

Text messages, on the other hand, are often read as soon as they’re sent.

Sending and receiving text messages is ingrained into our day-to-day lives. SMS is second nature to many of us, so engagement shouldn’t be a problem.

And hey presto, your campaign can work wonders when it’s seen, and seen immediately.

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Advantage TWO – It’ll reach the masses

Statista revealed (as of Feb 2020) over three billion people were using a smartphone across the globe. It seems like we love our smartphones like chocoholics love chocolate. Sounds crazy, but the number of smartphone users is expected to grow by several hundred million over the next few years.

The best part of all of this? Since almost every human out there owns a phone, SMS Marketing can work a treat. It’s all about reaching people on a platform they’re familiar with, and SMS Marketing is just that.

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Advantage THREE – Short and Sweet

SMS Marketing cleverly carries forward two key mantras; ‘Less is more,’ and ‘Quality, not Quantity.’

Your typical SMS Message revolves around seven or eight words or less. It’s short, sweet and saturated in straight-to-the-point content. No over-the-top explanations, no exaggerations, no long reading required. For those with a short attention span or who dislike spending a long time on their phone, SMS Marketing can work a charm.

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