9 Tips to Gain More LinkedIn Followers

Written by Bridgette Weller Brown
on 03 Sep 2021

LinkedIn offers something unique in the digital marketing world. It is a platform made entirely for business networking (and not the funny cat videos that make up other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok).

Having an active LinkedIn content strategy is essential for B2B – business to business marketing.

Compared to other, more ‘fun orientated’ social media platforms, users on LinkedIn have an entirely different mindset when scrolling through content on the business-orientated platform. LinkedIn is a platform where you speak to like-minded individuals interested in seeing your educational posts about your business rather than just looking to see pictures of something cute their friend’s dog did.

They WANT to grow and learn from you. So with that in mind, here are 9 things you can do to step up your LinkedIn in-game and make sure your posts are finding the right people.

Tip 1: Know Your Customer Avatar

Before hitting publish on a post, you have first to ask yourself one fundamental question, ‘Who are we marketing to?’

Think about who your ideal customer is and what their goals, morals, pain points, and challenges are.

Does your content appeal to them? Will your customer avatar find the content valuable?

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Tip 2: Answer Questions

When online, people are looking for answers to their questions – they want answers, and they want answers FAST.

When a visitor views your LinkedIn profile they’re immediately going to ask themselves ‘Is this business useful to me?’, ‘Is this business credible?’ And lastly, ‘Is interacting with this business going to help me right now?’

If your display photo is weak or pixelated, change it. If your bio has spelling mistakes in it, update it. If you don’t regularly post, change this.

Optimise your profile with these things in mind.

Tip 3: SEO

Your business profiles should be fully optimised for search engines. Make sure your page is discoverable! You can do this by incorporating any related keywords into your tagline and a well written about us section. Bonus points if you emphasise your business mission in your bio.

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Tip 4: Engage With Your Employees

Ensure that all of your employees have adequately added their work experience with your company to their own personal profile. That way, everyone that views their profile, in turn, will be prompted to follow your page.

Encourage your employees to interact with the content of your pages as well by sharing content, and while doing so, tagging your business profile.

Tip 5: Create Value

Post content to your page regularly.

Keeping a steady flow of content on your page will help your chances at increasing engagement. Having more content on your profile will also make it more appealing to potential customers checking out your page.

Tip 6: Join in on the Conversation

Comment and interact with relevant hashtags to help reach new and relevant communities. Aim to use between 3 to 5 relevant hashtags in your posts. You can also associate your page with relevant hashtags through the Community Hashtags panel down the side of your profile. This will send a notification with the option to join in on trending conversations.

Tip 7: Video, Video, Video

Make sure the mix of content you post includes plenty of eye-catching visuals.

Videos tend to stand out more in the news feed and are pushed more in the algorithm, helping you get noticed by new people.

Tip 8: Adjust Your content based on analytics

If you notice in your analytics that a particular type of content is doing better than others, keep posting that type of content. For example, if you discover that your audience likes to watch videos, post more videos.

Tip 9: Encourage Engagement

When your followers interact with your content, it signals to the LinkedIn algorithm that ‘this post is good content, and people like this content, meaning that the algorithm will push it to be seen by more people. Craft the copy of your posts to encourage users to input their point of view by asking a question or pressing them to share their experiences.

Timely subjects are also more likely to drive discussions, such as news within your industry. Remember when people interact with your content to like their comments and respond to encourage the conversation to continue.

Source: LinkedIn

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