Google Ads 101: The Art of the Offer

Written by Sandra Argese
on 07 Sep 2021

“Marketing features tell. Benefits sell.”

Every marketer ever.

If you’re running Google Ads, and are struggling to get any traction – we hear you.

Google Ads – they’re tough to navigate (and changes are in abundance).

Lo and behold – We’ve got a simple trick up our sleeve that could maximise the success of your campaign.

Ask yourself this. Have you ever looked at what your ad is offering?

Showing man sitting at desk on computer with Google search page on the screen and a cup of coffee next to him.

We’re talking about the copy in your ads, people. You’ve got a limited amount of characters to make a solid impression.

An ad that entices people with a juicy offer is more likely to capture someone’s attention, than one without.

Your ad needs to convey value; how will someone benefit from your offer? How will it improve their life? Valuable offers = valuable leads.

If no one is taking up your offer, chances are it isn’t something people want or need.

Okay, we hear you. ‘My offer is amazing – how could anyone not want it?!’

Put yourself in your customer avatar’s shoes. Do they want your offer? WHY do they want your offer, or why might they not want it?

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Can you tweak your offer to something that’ll entice your customer avatar to visit your website/landing page?

2% off isn’t really going to win anyone over. Buy one get one free might.

Think of your offer as the almighty low hanging fruit that you want your customer to grab onto.

It could be the beginning of a very beautiful relationship. Someone who engages with your business can become a valuable, long-term customer.

Okay, now that we’ve got that cleared up – there’s something else you need to keep note of.

The content within your ads needs to be consistent with the destination they drive people to.

Let’s say you’re a hairdresser, and you’re running a search campaign aiming to encourage people within the local area to visit your salon. You run a search campaign. Your Google Ad mentions 5% off any booking made online. Someone clicks the ad, and they’re taken to your business’ website. The offer isn’t mentioned anywhere. The person becomes frustrated, and leaves the page. They’re gone. You’ve lost them (and their trust in you as a business).

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There’s two things happening here.

  1. The ad wasn’t consistent with the landing page’s offering. The ad must be consistent with what someone is being offered when they click the ad. There’s nothing worse than clicking an offer, and having no idea how to take advantage of that offer. Goodbye, potential customer.
  2. You’ve wasted money. You’re paying for their click. Click wasted. Opportunity gone.

Something else to remember – Cheaper isn’t always best. Seriously, saving a few dollars isn’t worth paying for a service that is going to do diddly squat.

We reiterate – embed VALUE into your offer. Help make someone’s life that little bit easier.

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