How To Create Awesome Content that’ll Win Customers

Written by Bridgette Weller Brown
on 04 Jun 2020

Have you ever sat at your desk for WAY too long, staring at a blank document and trying to figure out what your customer wants and how that’ll impact what you post on Facebook? You’ve been tasked with implementing a social media content creation strategy, and are trying to generate some fresh ideas on how to go about it.

Think about it. It’s Monday morning. You’re feeling fresh from the weekend, work clothes are on point, but your marketing and content creation ‘creative juices’ just aren’t flowing.

The weekly schedule of Facebook posts is about as empty as a depleted fuel gauge right about now.

But fear not, for we’ve come up with some excellent, amazing, awesome questions that’ll help you figure out everything you NEED TO KNOW about YOUR customer to create the content they want, and never be stuck again.

Before we get stuck into things, it’s important to note that understanding your audience’s needs begins with the creation of a customer avatar.

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When creating an avatar, you’ll need to think about the below questions.

What can I do to help my audience?

Your customer is going to hit a point in their lives when they say, ‘I NEED THIS and I’m going to look for it.’

“THIS” is your product, but your customer might not be looking for it directly, they might be searching for something that helps their current situation.

Imagine you have a crucial business meeting coming up, but you are self-conscious about your breath smelling bad after those garlic prawns you had for lunch. Delicious, yes. But the scent on your breath, not so good.

You quickly duck out to the nearest supermarket for a packet of gum.

Ask yourself this. Would you buy a packet of gum because its packaging has advertised itself as ‘The Best Gum in the World,’ or a packet that’s packaging conveys that your breath will be ‘Minty Fresh in No Time.’?

What are their goals?

Your product is designed to make your customers’ lives better and easier in some way, shape, or form.

Take the gum example. Your content needs to support this goal.

Why? Because it’s about SPEAKING TRANSFORMATIONALLY to your audience.

When you know what your customers’ goals are, you can tailor your content to help them reach these goals. What you are offering will GET them there.

It’s all about appealing to their ideal AFTER STATE, that is, the state they want to achieve by using your product.

In the case of chewing gum, the ideal after state is fresh, minty breath.

Who do my audience usually go to for advice on this topic?

Knowing what your customer wants goes far beyond what goals they have concerning your product or service.

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When constructing your customer avatar, we need to think about your ideal customer’s ‘gurus.’

What ‘gurus’ do they look toward for inspiration, guidance, advice?

When considering this, use the ‘But no one else would’ rule.

Here’s an example. Everyone knows Leanardo da Vinci is an artist, so he’s not the kind of guru you’d be thinking about if tailoring content towards local artists.

This is where some research into the local art scene would come in handy. You could, for example, share some videos about local artists talking about their work, or do some research about local exhibitions and generate content around that.

Handy hint – Using the power of SEO, you can customise content for your customer toward what they’re looking for, and get more organic reach toward your content.

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What are their sources of information?

Knowing what your customer wants from you is one thing, but now you need to know how they want to consume it. Some want to read, while others would rather watch a YouTube video.

We’re focusing on social media content here. So perhaps for an audience who enjoys video, you should focus on video creation and video resharing.

Let’s say you’re in the shoe sales industry. Sharing a podcast on your socials perhaps isn’t the right platform for your audience, who are more likely to watch a two-minute video about ‘Easy Ways to Maintain a Pair of Shoes.’

Essentially, you don’t want to be writing blog articles when your customer would instead be watching videos. You want to create and share the content that they’re looking for.

Do you want to optimise your content and learn more about the customer avatar? Get in touch with us today.

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