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Make Better Use of Google Ad Extensions to Maximise Spend & Rank High

Written by Connor Brown
on 19 Aug 2019

Your competition is bidding big money and is being rewarded for it. But did you know you can attract their customers while your CPC remains lower than theirs? By implementing the Google Ad extensions listed below, you can make your business the preferred ad on the first page of Google.

Whenever I search for a product or service, I’m amazed at the quality (or lack thereof) of PPC Google Ads that show up on my Mobile or Desktop.

Beyond the popular adage, if you build a Google Ad, it’s not guaranteed to make them come. Because believe it or not, people tend to choose an ad to click on that they believe are the most trustworthy, professional, socially accepted and can offer them the best deal.

This is why it surprises me that so many advertisers continue to run PPC ads that look horrible or are simply not optimized to convert. Even when there are so many ways to get their ads primed for customer clicking that they just choose to not take.

Google Advertising is fierce and full of competition. And if you’re paying to advertise in a crowded online marketplace, you better make sure it’s good… especially if you don’t have the budget of some of the big players.

So aside from quality content and strong “calls to action” how do you get your ad to stand out from the rest? Well, the answer is to make better use of your Google Ad Extensions. We’ll be exploring them below, but if you want a quick refresher on PPC advertising as a whole, click this link to see our PPC overview!

At its core, Google Ad Extensions are a simple way for your ad to stand out from the pack. They simply add something extra to a PPC Google Adwords campaign which will bolster the perception of your product or service in the eyes of the ad viewer.

Typically, the Google Ad Extensions expand your message and make it easier and more useful to potential customers to identify you and your offering.

It is important to note that Google Adwords has many ad extensions. But here are 5 Ad Extensions I believe every Google Adwords campaign should have.

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Sitelink Extensions

Sitelinks are additional links in your advertisement that can take a potential customer to a specific page or another service on your website.

This is great for showcasing your webpages that feature “Testimonials”, “FAQ’s” or a “Contact Us” link or simply making potential customers aware of other products and services you offer.

When adding sitelinks to your Google Ads, remember to fill out a small description to make people aware of the product and service you offer. This is because Google will sometimes show your sitelinks with the basic description, commanding more real estate on the page and making your ad stand out!


Callout Extensions

Like many other platforms, Google Ads restrict you to a certain number of words and characters. This is only a minor roadblock, but can prove difficult when trying to get a message across.

Yet Callout Extensions, like sitelinks, are a perfect way to add additional text, show more products and services you offer all within the same ad. It also makes your ad a lot bigger and more prominent amongst other advertisers surrounding it on the page it’s featured on.

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Structured Snippets

Structured Snippets help people understand the range of your products and services before they click on your ad. Making it a great way to show potential client products and services your offer, without bombarding them with irrelevant content.

This extension is perfect for listing Service Catalogs, Products Types and Styles or particular models. All the while, adding to the size of your ad.

Call Extensions

Firstly, make sure not to confuse this Google Ad Extension with Callout Extensions which we discussed above. Call Extensions will show your phone number in the ad so potential customers can tap or click a link and call your business directly. This is a perfect extension for Mobile users who want to connect to your business instantly without clicking through numbers of pages to find it.

This extension is a perfect way for your customers to get in contact with you faster, without time wasted searching for a phone number.

It sounds like a simple thing to include, but I’m constantly surprised by the amount of businesses that neglect it.


Location Extensions

Location Extensions are extremely important for your ad as they help people to find and visit your business. This extension is similar to the Call Extension, as it allows your business location to be displayed in your ad, making it simple for customers to find you without too much investigation.

Information such as the company address, opening hours, phone number and distance to your business are all featured.

Doing this can also show your ad on Google maps. This gives your ad increased credibility and provides another reason for potential clients to reach out and click your ad.

Note: This extension is generally linked to the company “Google My Business” page and allow a potential customer to find key information. So before you complete your Location extension, it’s a good idea to set up your Google my business page.

In summary

Like it or not, all businesses need to engage in Google advertising at some point or another to remain competitive in today’s business climate.

But beyond the obvious of paying more, there are many things that a business owner can do to get on the first page of Google and get more action from the leads you’re generating.

Although you can create large bids to get in front of your competitors, the small and subtle optimizations through Google Ad Extensions are something that can truly set you apart from the pack.

Put it this way, what if you need an electrician and saw an ad taking up one and a half lines with minimal information. Compare that to the ad below it with every line maxed out with their Google Ad Extensions. Featuring great info, an address, reviews and sitelinks attached… you know which one you would choose.

So although a good bid is important, there are ways to stand out from the best bidder. And those ways are by implementing the extensions we went through above.

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