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How to Maximise Fresh Leads so You’re Not Missing Any Sales

Written by Ben Sporn
on 23 Aug 2019

Making sales is integral to a successful business. Yet we still see many examples of salespeople missing out on potential business as they’re failing to maximize fresh leads. By implementing better sales habits, this is an easy fix.

For any business to stay afloat, the sales team needs to be effective, and both nurture and maximise fresh leads that have been brought in by their lead magnet. However, over my years working in sales, as a Sales Manager and in the world of marketing, I’ve seen many salespeople take on poor habits that not only impact their sales records and commissions, but also the business’ bottom line.

In modern-day business, there are not many courses to teach new or young salespeople how to sell more and sell effectively. This is a problem, as it often means that bad habits are passed down through businesses. Rotting the sales team from the inside out, for many years to come.

This is why implementing strong sales strategies and techniques is important in the success of a business. Without it, it can mean sales mediocrity and low employee fulfillment, satisfaction, and enthusiasm.

The above is why I have decided to write down a few quick tips that you can implement into your sales approach. These tips are simply implemented so you maximize fresh leads that you’ve generated from your PPC campaign and landing page, so you aren’t missing any sales.

After all, your sales funnel has converted so many fresh leads, it would be a shame to waste them.

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If you love step-by-step written instructions, then please read on. However, if you’re a visual person, let me explain the same topic in this short video!

Call immediately

This tip may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it occurs.

To maximize fresh leads, make sure to call within 15 minutes of the arrival of the lead into your sales funnel. Because of today’s busy lifestyle, your potential customers are only in the frame of mind to purchase for a short time.

By calling them within this time, you’ll see many benefits. Firstly, your lead will be shocked that you’re so on-the-ball that you called so quickly, filling them with confidence that you’re going to crush it at making their sale for them.

Secondly, if someone does have a spare 15 minutes to lodge an inquiry, it’s fair to say that they’re not overrun with time. So to reply immediately, your lead will still be in the frame of mind to push the purchase through, as you’re catching them at the time they’re willing to speak with you.

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Drawbacks of not calling immediately

If you don’t call them within 15 minutes of the arrival of the lead, the likelihood of them not answering increases by 80%.

Salespeople often make this mistake because they think it makes them look too eager. And it may, but that is far from a bad thing. Particularly when a rival salesperson will miss the lead due to waiting too long. But it is important to remember that this is just one stage of getting action from your leads, as for every interaction, you’ve got to make sure that you provide them something for them to walk away with feeling great!


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Call from your mobile

If you need to call your lead, make sure you call from your mobile phone. This is the best way to maximize your chances of actually getting them on the phone, as they’re more likely to answer a call from a mobile phone as opposed to a work number on a landline.

Calling from your mobile makes you appear more human, instead of just another salesperson. This is a great, as people can sometimes believe salespeople trick potential customers into a purchase.

We know that this is of course not true. However, to get that human touch from the salesperson goes a long way in building confidence in the customer. Particularly if you combine this with calling within the first 15 minutes.

Drawbacks of not calling from your mobile

If you’re calling from a landline, your leads are generally quicker to reject a call and stifling your sales process.

In Summary

There’s no debating how important sales are to a business. Still, many salespeople have not learned how to fully maximize their fresh leads. So although they’re most likely still getting sales, they’re not performing to the heights possible.

It can be easy to simply dismiss this as a poorly performing salesperson or a poor sales strategy. However, the lack of education around sales training means that more often than not, sales people are learning their craft from other salespeople.

This can be unfortunate, as it often breeds bad habits, resulting in poor numbers.

The good news is, with a bit of guidance, this can be overcome. With only a few tweaks here and there to a sales strategy, your numbers can change for the better.

By calling your lead straight away and by calling them on a mobile phone, I’m sure you’re going to see your lead conversions increase. And with that comes an increase in overall sales.

We’ll be publishing more blogs, some of which with a sales focus. So make sure to stay tuned to stay informed.

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