Why Social Media Management is Important

Why Social Media Management is Important

Written by Bridgette Weller Brown
on 19 Aug 2020

Social Media Management is important for so many reasons.

Social Media Managers, raise your hand if you’ve had someone underestimate your responsibilities and assume your job is easy?

Social media managers dabble in multiple palettes; call them content creators, analysts, community moderators, digital strategists, writers, videographers, public relations experts, meme masters; the list goes on.

The skills they have are critical in supporting marketing goals.

Social networking is just that; social. It’s about building a community around your business, listening to the conversations surrounding your industry, engaging with those conversations, and providing an authoritative voice people can look to for guidance and advice.

Graffiti on wall says "All we need is likes"

So, how does social media marketing affect small businesses?

Social media networking can help small businesses in many ways. Generate leads, attract new customers, share valuable content to your audience, engage in social selling, highlight your point-of-difference, engage and interact with different brands and personalities; the list of possibilities doesn’t end.

Put simply, social media can help expose you to a new pool of potential clients.

However, one of the most important components to social media management is consumer engagement.

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Managing social networking sites comes down to more than just posting relevant content. It’s about being a part of the conversation about your own brand, as well as providing unique commentary and insights around industry news and popular opinions in your field.

You can damage control quickly by moderating and responding to complaints.

By making your brand part of the conversation online and keeping users updated on what’s happening, you are building credibility and developing your brand.

The bottom line is, social media management is just as much as about online connections, as it is about content creation.

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