6 Awesome Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

Written by Sandra Argese
on 29 Jun 2020

From likes, comments and shares, to people checking in to your location, tagging you in a post or even writing a positive review, there’s plenty of perks that come with high Facebook engagement.

Extended organic reach, check. A higher number of people who see you within their news feed, check. A reward for all your innovative thinking and creative content creation efforts, check.

Want to up the ante on your Facebook Engagement goals? Or create Facebook posts to engage users? Here’s six things you must consider.


If your audience won’t get VALUE out of your content, then chances are they won’t engage, or perhaps, hit the unfollow button. Let’s not even dare to think about how terrible it’d be if they hit the dreaded ‘Unlike’ button. *Shudders*

This is where SOCIAL INFLUENCING comes into play. With effective social influencing, you can use your content as the vehicle that provides value to your audience.

So how can you tell if the content you are sharing is valuable?

Ask yourself; Can your audience take something away from the content you post? Can they use the content in a way that benefits them? Does your content answer the questions your audience is already talking about?

You can give advice, share handy tips, post informative blogs, inspire people with inspirational quotes; the options are endless.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Would YOU find the content engaging? Would you LIKE and FOLLOW the page, based on the content? If you don’t, chances are someone else won’t either.

Hint: Find out what questions your audience are asking, and answer them with your Facebook content. The following websites are a GOLD mine for this kind of information.


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Over-the-top self-promotion isn’t healthy for your business’ Facebook page.

If 100% of the content you post on your business’ Facebook page is made up of photos of Friday afternoon games, random facts about team members or snaps of weekend drinks, then you need to re-think your social media strategy.

Okay, the odd post celebrating an achievement, team photo or company goal is always welcomed – but when more than half of your posts are made up of this kind of content, followers aren’t going to be getting any value out of following your Facebook page.

We’re not saying to completely cut out these kinds of posts. After all, social media is about sharing things that happen in our day-to-day lives, and giving your business a fun online personality is always a good thing.

When looking to increase organic Facebook Engagement, it’s all about striking a balance between self-promotional content, and valuable content. A healthy scale between the two is key (perhaps 20 per cent for self-promotional, and 80 per cent for valuable).  

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Once you’re consistently providing value to your Facebook followers, they’ll realise you’re a valuable resource of information, and an authoritative voice within your specific industry they can look to for guidance, advice and know-how. From there, they’ll continue to engage with your content. It’s a win-win.


When we’re creating Facebook posts to engage users, it’s important to diversify the content you post.

Photos, videos, polls, live video, stories, tips, how-to’s, quotes, links to blogs, listicles, articles, memes; you name it.

After time, you’ll be able to use Facebook’s Insights Tool to see what type of content people are engaging with, and what isn’t working.

We want people to SHARE your content and brand with their audience. Thus, expanding your reach. Posting engaging content that strikes all the right chords with your audience can make this happen.


You need your content to be relevant to your audience and your brand. So if you’re a hairdresser, chances are you won’t be sharing content about sport.

There’s a lot of noise out there, don’t just become part of it.

You could take external content and provide commentary on it, invite others to share their opinions and thoughts, or perhaps offer some useful advice.

A hairdresser could perhaps post a status on ‘Five Quick Tips to Keep Hair Healthy,’ for example.


Encourage your followers to comment, react, tag their own friends, share your post, vote on polls, and answer questions you pose.

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