Copywriting Tools That No Marketer Wants You To Know About!

Written by Bridgette Weller Brown
on 28 Apr 2021

Caffeinate Digital’s resident Copywriter Sandra creates a tier list of the copywriting tools she uses every day.

So these are the 12 POWERFUL copywriting tools that you can use in your business right now so you can write copy faster, easier, and with less effort.

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Hi, I’m Sandra. I’m the copywriter and one of the Marketing Managers here at Caffeinate Digital. Today, we’re ranking different copywriting tools that I find I use every single day in the office.


Grammarly. I hate Grammarly. There is no other way to put it. I don’t recommend a business depend on Grammarly. There are a lot of mistakes that happen in Grammarly. So many errors that come up. It doesn’t use the correct grammar or punctuation sometimes. I don’t recommend it as a tool to fall back on because 90% of the time, it will make a mistake. So Grammarly, I’m going to put it in the C section.


Hemingway is a good tool as well. If you’re looking to, you know, get that extra set of digital eyes over your content simultaneously, Hemingway falls into a similar category as Grammarly. I don’t recommend using it to fall back on entirely.

Always have a final set of eyes go over your content. I wouldn’t recommend using it as a last fallback. The same category is Grammarly putting it into C.

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So the next one that we’re looking at here is pages. Pages is a word processing tool that Apple uses. It’s fine. It’s straightforward. It’s not a hundred per cent.

My favourite one, though, for the reason that when I tell you about my favourite one later on in this video. I’ll put it in C as well.


Semrush is a great tool. When we’re writing ads, we always want to learn what keywords are trending when we’re doing SEO content. We always want to know what people are typing into Google.

Such a great tool helps inform how I write blogs and write content. I won’t just write it and then put it out there and hope for the best. Semrush helps me to identify what people are looking for on the internet.

Recommend investing in the paid version, especially if you’re looking to do search engine optimisation for your business to get at the top of the almighty Google, which we all bow down to.


So we use WordPress here at Caffeinate. When we are using Yoast in the backend of WordPress, it does help us identify what keywords we can use in our blogs and our content.

You rank better for search engine optimisation purposes online. I love Yoast for that. It’s a straightforward tool, and it makes you identify if you need, you know, specific keywords in your introduction, in the middle of your article, that might be a convenient plugin to have worth it. So I’ll pop Yoast in B.

Google Docs

Google Docs is excellent. In my former life as a journalist, I used to use Word, and it would crash all the time, and I’d lose pages of content that had spent hours writing, researching, editing. In Google Docs, everything lives online. Multiple people can edit a document at once, and it’s a straightforward way to share documents with clients.

Add comments in there and send documents to your designer or your developer or whoever it might be. I love Google Docs for that reason, mainly for the reason that you’ll never lose your content will always be saved automatically in there. So definitely, and I use no other word processor.

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I don’t use Word.  I’m going to say D it’s not bad, it does what it needs to do. Microsoft word crashes and burns all the time and you lose heaps of content is also expensive. You have to buy it, whereas Google Docs is online. It’s free. Everyone can use it. Multiple people can edit a document at once.

As a copywriter, I think it is super important to get super creative with your words that you’re using and not just use conventional sentences. Everyone else is using my number one tip for this website is to find words that make sense.

You don’t want to put a word representing another word that no one knows what it means. To sound smart, because chances are you’re going to lose that reader.

Ad Parlour

Ad Parlour is fantastic, especially when I’m writing Facebook ads.

When it comes to having a mock-up tool that can mock it up in front of you without actually having to log into the platform itself to do it, having a tool like this is helpful. I use it daily level B, I would say, I think I’m not giving it an A, because I think the interface could be improved a little bit, looks a bit old fashioned. But a tool I use all the time.

Now, the point bonus, as well as if I need to run, copy past clients, I can pop it into the ad parlour mock-up tool, create the Facebook ad with my copy in it, screenshot that, send it to the client, get their approval so they can see how it’ll look.

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Ads Library

So the next one is Ads Library. So one of the most important things as a copywriter is to stand out. There are so many writers out there, and when you’re writing conventional, boring, not exciting copy, people can pick it from a mile away, and they’ll be able to tell. Then they’ll start reading, and they won’t care about what, what writing or what words you’ve put in front of them when it comes to writing for specific briefs and certain industries, which we look after a whole multitude of it here at Caffeinate Digital, I use Ads Library.

Ads Library lets you go in, put a competitors’ Facebook page in there, and then you can see the ads that that competitor is running. For example, we were doing marketing for an oil and gas company, and we want to target a particular sector of their audience for whatever it might be. We can go in and put in their competitors, see what ads they’re running, see what copy they’re putting with it, ads.

That can give us some ideas because we are looking at competitors ideally at the end of the day. Our job is to make our content that we write way better than this to get that conversion, whatever that conversion may be.

Answer The Public

I think it’s a unique tool for businesses looking for what questions people ask concerning their industry. If I were a hairdresser, I would want to write some blogs on my website to boost my SEO. But if I’m writing blogs to answer specific questions, how do I know what people are asking?

And so the public’s an excellent tool to find out what questions people were asking about a particular topic. Semrush is also perfect for this as well. My only downside to answering the public is you only get two free questions a day that you can look at. So, if you are on a budget and looking for a cost-effective option, you probably might not want to use it as the public while you still get those free options every day.

If you need it for more than that, it’s not an ideal choice. So I’ll pop it into B because it’s a good tool, but again, you need to pay for it if you want more questions answered.


So Descript is an excellent transcription tool when we do our videos. We always have captions because we want to cater to people of all abilities when watching a video when putting captions together.

It would help if you had the words matching precisely what the person is saying. Even if they have an accent or even if they’re pretty high pitched or energetic. It would be best if you had words that are accurate and correct.

Descript’s an excellent tool to do that, to get those captions from those videos. But it’s not easy to use. That said, Descript’s not a bad tool; it’s just a bit tricky to use some times. We find that sometimes when someone does have an accent or a slightly different voice, that might not be quite as clear; it can sometimes muddle up those words.

And so, for that reason, I’ve popped it into level C here.

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