What is an Email Funnel?

Written by Bridgette Weller Brown
on 27 Apr 2021

Email funnels are (and always have been) a massive gamechanger in the world of Digital Marketing. Why? Because they work.

As a digital marketing agency, we love email funnels because they are effective at swiftly moving new subscribers towards their first purchase.

Let’s take a look at the Customer Value Journey to get an idea of when potential customers become subscribers.

The Customer Value Journey worksheet from Caffeinate Digital

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When it comes to email funnels, the Customer Value Journey plays a significant role.

Email funnels subtly and swiftly move prospects from the Subscribe stage (Stage 3) of the Customer Value Journey to the Convert Stage (Stage 4), where the prospect gives a little bit of their time or money (towards a small offer, perhaps).

Why do you need an email marketing funnel?

According to OptinMonster:

  • 99% of email users check their email every day
  • 85% of the people you send an email to will receive your email
  • More than 75% of teenagers still use email

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Potential customers are no longer fooled by traditional marketing tactics and are often switched off from sales-driven marketing tactics. Email marketing is different because it allows you to communicate with your audience at a time when they’re reading their emails, and invested in consuming the content on their device. Emails can treat your customers like an individual and not just another name on a list.

Hint: That’s why it’s important to automate your emails to address the person reading it by their first name, instead of, ‘Dear reader’, or ‘Dear Subscriber.’

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How do email funnels work?

The number of emails in your email funnel is going to depend on what they’re selling. Ideally, you’ll generally use a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7. If your subscriber hasn’t converted by the 7th email, it could be time to stop bombarding them with emails.

When putting together an email, it’s important to consider the copy you’ll use.

There are 4 emotional triggers you can use in your email funnels:

  1. Gain: What does the subscriber gain by buying the product/service?
  2. Logic: Why does buying the product/service make total sense for the reader?
  3. Fear: What happens if they don’t buy the product/service?
  4. Scarcity: How long do they have to choose to buy this specific product/service?

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Each email is going to follow a similar template:

  1. Introduction: Give a friendly introduction to what you’re about to talk about (you wouldn’t walk up to somebody and start talking without at least saying a few introductory words first)
  2. Body: Use gain, logic, fear, and/or scarcity to show them why this offers matters to them NOW
  3. Close: Craft a clear call to action
  4. P.S. (Not always used): Add in extra gain, logic, fear, or scarcity

With an effective email funnel, you’ll start converting potential clients like a well-oiled machine.

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