The Power of TikTok in 2020

Written by Bridgette Weller Brown
on 09 Mar 2020

It’s the video-sharing social networking service igniting the digital fame of everyone from dogs, cats, kids and teenagers, to adults, babies, communities and more.


So what is TikTok?

When Chinese internet entrepreneur Zhang Yiming founded internet technology company ByteDance in 2012, it signalled the beginning of something incredible.

Fast forward to 2017 and ByteDance purchased, an application allowing users to create 15-second to one-minute lip-syncing music videos.

Less than a year later, was rebranded as TikTok.

So what made TikTok, tick?

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Remember Vine?

TikTok elegantly stepped into the void left behind by the Twitter-owned Vine following Vine’s oddly-timed demise in 2017.

Vine walked, so TikTok could run.

TikTok would set the scene for short, creative, imaginative and engaging content that could be watched by millions around the world. No need to be a professional videographer or film editor to make it happen either.

TikTok is known as Douyin in the Chinese market. The two are essentially quite similar, with the latter complying with Chinese censorship restrictions.

Man Jumping Canyon
People can do absolutely anything to get TikTok famous.

Memes, lip-syncing, dancing and singing, performing experiments, quoting movies or television shows, you name it. People can add lenses, filters and augmented reality features into the mix for that extra dose of creativity.

With enormous opportunity to generate fun, short and engaging content that can reflect the casual side of a brand, businesses and companies across the globe are jumping aboard the TikTok bandwagon too. That’s if done appropriately and within company values of course.

So just how popular is TikTok?

A report from app analytics firm App Annie revealed that TikTok was the seventh most downloaded app from 2010 – 2019, while in 2019, it was the fourth most downloaded app worldwide. Pretty impressive for a social media platform still widely considered the new kid on the block.

Australia and New Zealand aren’t staying away from the global phenomenon either. TikTok boasts 1.4 million monthly active users across the region, driving 1.6 billion video views every month.

With TikTok currently riding the pop-culture wave of the modern zeitgeist, it sure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

What do you think of TikTok? Let us know in the comments section below!

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