Selling Cars? Stop Touching Peoples Bases.

Selling Cars? Stop Touching Peoples Bases.

Written by Ben Sporn
on 02 Dec 2019

Who out there calls their clients and says “Hey, It’s Ben from A1 Motors here. Just thought I would touch base and see how everything is going…

Probably heaps of us… The Client has probably had multiple Sales Consultant’s calling them, saying the exact same thing.

People don’t want you to touch their base.


What we need to be doing is calling with a reason and that reason needs to be associated with the amazing deal we are putting together, on the car, the trade, or the finance.

I am not saying to go out there and make things up, because a good Sales Consultant will be working behind the scenes to put together a fantastic deal at all times.

For example:

“I’ve had a chat to my New Car Manager, and we’ve worked out a demo price, on a brand new car for you, when can you come in for a chat?”

“I’ve been having a chat to my Used Car Manager regarding your trade, and we think we’re going to be able to get more money for it, when can you bring it back in for another look?”

“My Business Manager just let us know we have some special interest rates until the end of the month, would you be free at all this week to come in and have a chat to see if you qualify?”

By doing this, you are sure to stand out by showing the Customer how invested you are, which in turn will help build report, and the Client will want to reward you by giving you their business.

Sales talking on phone while using computer
Put yourself in the Customer’s shoes, would you buy off a Consultant who calls saying “Just touching base” or a Consultant who has put in the extra effort of working out an amazing deal and saving them $$$?

Calling with a reason needs to be used in conjunction with a routine follow up procedure to ensure calls are being made at the right time to maximise appointment opportunities.

It’s important to remember, not everyone is a buyer, so we need not take rejection to heart. Always try to keep a Positive Mind Frame, because your next deal could be the next call you make.

(READ: The Importance of A Positive Mind Frame in Sales)

So get off your ass, create a reason to call, pick up the phone, set some appointments & SELL SOME CARS!

Put these Principles Into Practice Today.

Stop the Excuses and The Procrastination.

Greet Every Day with A Positive Mental Attitude.


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