The Importance of A Positive Mind Frame in Sales

The Importance of a Positive Mind Frame in Sales

Written by Ben Sporn
on 26 Nov 2019

The leads are no good… It’s a tough month… No one is buying… Everyone is away at this time of year… The economy is down… No one is spending money…

Hands up…

If you’ve heard someone say that, or maybe you’ve said it yourself?

We’ve all heard these excuses before, and that’s all they are, excuses. Did you know the meaning of the word “Excuse” is “to seek to lessen blame or to try to justify”? That’s all we are doing when we say things like “I’m not making any sales because no one answers the phone”.

Do you know what I say to that? Call them again, text them, email them, and then call them again. We need to stop coming up with excuses and start coming up with solutions.

Negativity Breeds Negativity.

If you think everything is going to be hard, and everyone is working against you, you’ll be right. If you think everything is great, and opportunity is around every single corner, you’ll be right also. Let’s all keep a positive mindset because all you’re going to do by being negative, is head nick yourself and everyone around you.

I’m often asked, “how can you always be so positive?” Because I choose too. Everyone hits road-bumps and objections. Why dwell on them? What’s that going to achieve?


Marcus Aurelius


“Today I escaped anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions, not outside.” — Marcus Aurelius

By fortifying your mindset with Stoic principles, you will recognise the negative feelings that arise when an obstacle presents itself. So instead of making excuses and placing blame and responsibility on external stimuli, you will remain self-aware, and calm.

To be calm is to be in control, by being negative, you are handing your authority of the situation over to your impulses.


This may also apply to your leads…

If they are making excuses, they are essentially handing over control to you!
When you are persistent and maintain a positive and charismatic demeanour, your leads will naturally begin to mirror your behaviour.

Address their pain-points and replace their negative feelings with excitement.
If you can get your Lead excited about your product/service, they will see the value in what you are selling them. There is value in excitement, so if your leads are hitting you with roadblocks, take them on a detour down the path of enthusiasm and show them the immediate value in what you are selling them!

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Put these Principles Into Practice Today.

Stop the Excuses and The Procrastination.

Greet Every Day with A Positive Mental Attitude.


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